What About Me?

Geez Louise…

I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows were bushy, my eczema had gone wild and my hair is running free. My skin is pretty dull and my ankles are swollen because I won’t pick up a glass of water. I looked so lifeless and rundown.

Even though it’s an annoyance there are things I can do to help it look better.

Lots of time I forfeited what I wanted because of laziness and fear. I would fear what someone would say or think about me. The more I created excuses the more I crumbled inside. Life was all about making others happy, but what about me?

My bushy eyebrows may seem shallow but arched eyebrows make me feel pretty. I love for my skin to shine and when I’m unhappy it loses its luster. When it reaches the point where I neglect to take care of me in order to take care of others, then things have gotten bad. When I stop the physical , mental and spiritual upkeep it not only affects me but the people that are in my life. How disheartening it is to watch someone you love deteriorate especially when looking in the mirror.

At this time the friendship that is most important to me is the friendship with myself. Even if I anger those around me for distancing myself, I can’t worry about that because I need to be the most important person to me. I need to exert my energy to taking care of myself. Once I am a great friend to myself that permeates to others. But it is impossible to pour an empty tank into another empty tank. I want to be so full of myself that love and happiness pour into someone else.

I cannot afford to neglect myself because I believe my mission is to help others. But I also don’t want to help others to the point that I forfeit my identity and well-being. I crave that balance to be both a help to me and to others. The best part of reversing self-neglect is knowing I can 100% control change how I treat myself.

Current Status Eyebrows are awesome. Black soap had cleared eczema. Hair is curly. I am happy.

If you can relate to this, please comment as I would love to read about it.

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