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Just an ordinary day…

I’m sitting in the nail shop discovering how impatient I am. Although I know others were here before me I still want my turn to come as soon as I enter the door. As usual one of my small thoughts snowballed into a massive thought of how impatient I am of others around me. I’ve read so many articles about building patience only to find most writers blame this “right now” attitude on technology. However, smart phones and computers were not always so popular and I remember as a child the adults yelling at the person in front of them on the road because, in their opinion, the car in front was moving too slow.


The funny thing about patience is people beg for others to be patient with them while not granting the same courtesy to others. I have illustrated this thought as such; when in a grocery line a person is impatient with the couponer in front of them but when they are at the register digging for loose change they expect the person behind them to understand.

This made me wonder if human beings are incapable of being empathetic even though we beg for empathy.

Are we able you able to put ourselves in someone shoes without judgment to actually understand their point of view?

It’s no secret we look to be understood yet are we capable of returning the favor? I always feel like life has a funny way of showing us how uncaring others can be leaving us to feel misunderstood.  Although this experience helps us to identify this feeling, we sometimes still repeat the same unsympathetic act towards the next person.

Personally at times I have felt misunderstood and when trying to be understanding it blew up in my face and the person ended creating more drama then it actually was. Overtime, instances like this has made me more impatient with others and not be as empathetic as I should.

Even though this is my explanation it does not justify my actions.

As said in one of my previous posts, everyone is not out to get you. There are people in the world that need to be understood and are seeking genuinely concern. And although reaching out keeps you vulnerable, I learned from a friend this is not such a bad thing as it prevents bitterness and disdain entering the heart.

You may ask what is the point of this post…and I can honestly say I don’t know. I’m just a gal sitting in a nail shop now appreciating the fact the person ahead of me was in need of a self-care moment as much as I was.


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