Q&A: Why do we second guess ourselves?

Plainly put, second guessing derives from lack of self confidence. This appears to be a cut and dry answer but it is the truth. Loss of confidence could be as simple as getting in a car accident and afterwards second guess driving again. Once we have experienced some type of trauma, loss or receive an adverse result from a former decision it can slowly strip our self confidence.

My mom always told me to follow my first mind. I noticed when I did not follow what I initially wanted to do, things did not go as planned. There were also times I followed my first mind and things do not go as planned . My point is…things don’t always go as planned but you cannot let that sever your confidence.  You can’t allow it to decrease the trust you have in yourself.

Below are some ways to rebuild lost confidence.

Just do it

I find when I hop outside my head and just do what I’m thinking I bypass talking myself out of it. This method does not even give you the time to second guess yourself because it’s already done.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Us, humans spend majority of our lives seeking validation from others. I also find that validating yourself is much more powerful because you are in possession of your security basket.  Your pep-talk could be as simple as encouraging yourself in the mirror or writing an affirmation to repeat on a daily basis.

Forgive Yourself

Some mistakes made in the past can affect your current decisions. Each day we are growing and learning. You are literally not the person today that you were yesterday so don’t hold yourself hostage to yesterday’s mistakes. Every morning we wake up, we are given a fresh start. Take your fresh start and start trusting in today’s decisions.

Trust Yourself

Yes, I did mention trusting your intuition in point 3. I wanted to put extra emphasis on this. We typically second guess people, things and places that we don’t trust so why would it be any different when applying this theory to ourselves. No one knows your weak and strong points as much as you, which is why you should trust in yourself when making your next move. The stronger you trust your instincts the more confident you will be when making decisions.

If you have every had trouble second guessing yourself, please share below.

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