Q&A: Why do people create unnecessary drama?

What an interesting question. First things first unless you are starring in a movie or a play, drama is never necessary. The ironic thing is there are people who actually think there is a such thing as necessary drama. I believe these people once lived a dramatic life and got so used to it they feel uncomfortable when peace arrives. People such as these have a hard time adjusting to a tranquil life  and instead of doing so, they ensure turmoil remains in their life. Believe it or not this is a full time job as this person is probably a gossip, spreading lies, purposely paying bills late, always complaining, surround themselves with toxic people and worst of all creating dramatic scenarios.

I find it interesting that a person would submerge their life in negativity just for the sake of being at fake peace. It’s fake peace because I don’t honestly see how a person can be peaceful in a toxic environment.

I’m assuming you are asking this question because you are annoyed with some dramatic person you hang around.

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First you need to ask yourself if you are around this person because you are a drama dweller.

Maybe this person is a parent, family member or co-worker  and you have to be around them. For that I would say, you would need to create a happy space. This happy place resides in your head and gives you a 30 second break from the drama. You could also do take a physical break by going to get water or to the restroom. The idea is to not get drawn into the chaos and remain positive in a toxic setting.

Because it is insane to think we have the power to change others, it is important you protect your energy. If you have communicated to this person how dramatic they are and they don’t take heed don’t keep arguing about it. Because guess what that will make you just as dramatic. Energy is neither created or destroyed but transferred so your job is to make sure that negative surge is not transferred to you.

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