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If you have watched seasons 1 and 2 you may have come to realization of how amazing this show is. I wish I’d started media reviews back at season one to really delve into all the mind games people play in relationships rather than just simply expressing how they feel. The main characters Gus Cruikshank And Mickey Dobbs took each other through a million loopholes just to end up together at the end of Season 2.

If you have not seen Seasons 1 and 2, I strongly advise you watch them at least to understand this review.

Season 2 ended with Mickey deciding to become official with Gus after sleeping around with her ex Dustin. At the start of season 3 we see how perfect Gus and Mickey are meshing as Bertie Bauer and Randy Monahan are falling apart. Bertie found herself in the same dull relationship she fled from in Australia. She decided to break the pattern without breaking Randy’s feelings but we all know there is no nice way to break up with someone. Instead of immediately breaking up with Randy she started an affair with Randy and Gus’s friend Chris.

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This season life took a negative turn for Gus. His boss and co-workers mocked him. He started working on a movie that drained his energy and resources. In this season we learn more about the dark side of Gus and how his passive aggressiveness can sometimes convert into straight rage. It is implicated the only thing good in his life this season is Mickey. Talk about a twist of events.

My Opinion

I loved this season! The audience got a chance to see how imperfect Gus was. Even through his imperfections he still appeared to be that lovable guy. Even though Gus was at his worse it did not want to make me quit rooting for him to catch a break. There were times when you saw how in a way Mickey’s drama vindicated him from his personal chaos. She called him out on that too. Micky refused to play victim any more and started owning her happiness and attempting to make the best out of her situations.

Mickey and Bertie friendship grew stronger as they held this special bond by keeping each other’s infidelity secrets. I want to think their opposite personalities helped them see things from a different perspective.

In this season I loved how the viewers were able to see the dark side of the “nice” characters. The “nice” characters hid behind their kindness in order to maintain that nice facade.

This was an interesting take as people normally shun the outspoken person while they praise the passive aggressive person that’s dying inside.

Ironically passive aggressiveness is preferred rather than the blunt person that tells it like it is.   I loved the depiction of this because I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a show expose the downfalls of being  overly nice.

Even though Gus and Mickey’s relationship appeared dysfunctional on the outside it worked for them. They don’t care what others think because they are in love and they make each other happy. And that’s all that matters, Right?

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The series ended with the two lovebirds getting married….I just love the idea of love. Sadly we will not know how that marriage went as this was the last season of the show. I would like to guess they kept learning and growing with each other. Or they woke up the next day and wondered what in the world were they thinking? Either way, we will never know.

Question: How did you feel about the Series Finale?

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