Hater is…Hater Does

The friend that ignores your progress. That co-worker that goes out his/her way to make coming to work unbearable. That person that will not pay you a compliment to save their life. In this day and time we call people such as these Haters. 

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I have learned in life when others are miserable they tend to get mad at others who are not. As indicated in the title of this post, a hater will do hater things.

Be forewarned that Haters are on their job as they are plotting and planning the next Hating thing they will do.

Just in case you are not clear on what a Hater is…

According to Dictionary.com Hater is defined as:

I am putting emphasis on the word Hater because I find that people put emphasis on hater’s actions.  I have watched people spend their lives attempting to prove Haters wrong. They spend majority of their life with that “I’m gon’ show you” attitude and negate what’s actually important.  I was once a person predicating my life on the opinions of people that will never be happy or support me. I realized by doing that I am only spinning my wheels and I am giving power to nothingness. Spending your energy attempting to prove them wrong is a waste of time because when they have gotten to you, they move on and go on hating on someone else.

The bottom line is if you are depending your livelihood on someone else’s approval than you are setting yourself up for an unfulfilled life.

It is hard to please a person that blatantly does not like you. And who cares the reason why they don’t like you, it’s none of your business. Yes, I said it! It is none of your business how people feel about you. What matters is how your reactions towards their petty actions.

We only get one life and it is hard enough encouraging yourself. It is hard enough to find and keep inner peace. It is sometimes difficult to keep yourself in good spirits when experiencing this thing called life. By adding another person’s misery in your life is just much too much. LET IT GO!

Additional Hater Related Advice:

If you are a hater, just know that misery is not a permanent state of being. You can fulfill your dreams as well as there is nothing that someone else is doing that you cannot set out to do yourself. Even if that goal seems harder to accomplish than the person you are hating on, that does not make it impossible to achieve. Spend your energy more positively and emphatically.

To Faux Hater Victims:

For those of you that think everyone is against you,


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Learn to discern who is genuine in your circle. If you treat the sincere people in the same manner as a Hater you may end up losing some valuable people in your life. This was a valuable lesson I learned from experience.

So the next time you start feeling affected by a Hater just remind yourself that it’s not personal simply because Haters do, Hater things.

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