Mystery Blogger Award

I am jumping off the wall to have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am approaching my one year blogversary so, this is a great honor. I would like to thank PostiveNancy for her nomination and for exuding so much positivity on Twitter. What is The Mystery Blogger Award? This Award was created by […]


Anti-Superwoman Mentality- Your Efforts are Enough

Introduction I don’t normally target a specific audience but ladies, we do a lot! We are constantly multitasking, fixing what’s broken, nurturing our family all while dealing with the insecurity of inadequacy. On top of that, social media is naming us Queens and Superwomen. What a heavy title to live up to! I am not […]

Remembering the Forgotten Heroes

I am currently viewing NBC’s “The Brave” and I love the different action packed scenes brought on by the various missions the Special Ops team must undergo. This show has heightened my appreciation of our soldiers. Although I have always admired our soldiers, it makes it more apparent how much they risk their lives to […]