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With the intentions of supporting my aunt, I attended a vending event and there was so much great stuff there. Just to tell you a little about myself, I LOVE STUFF. So I came across this beauty below that was made by one of vendors. Isn’t it neat!?!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a vase made out of colored pencils.

Concurrently with the colored pencil vase, I came across an Origami Owl table. At first I thought it was your typical charm bracelet themed company so I was going to walk by as I am a huge fan of Alex and Ani. While walking away I noticed there were little charms inside of the main necklace charms. I later learned the charms were called floating charms and were made by the company Origami Owl.

What is Origami Owl?

Origami Owl is a cosmetic jewelry company that sell trendy bracelets, watches, necklaces and rings that can be adorned with different floating charms. The charms are limitless and can pertain to many facets of a person’s personality or life.

The company also offer opportunities for individuals to become independent sellers. I spoke with one of the independent sellers and she described the company as one big happy family and a great opportunity to earn cash. Unlike other independent sale companies, a customer does not have to solely go through an individual to purchase products. A customer has the option of visiting to purchase their selection of jewelry and/or locate information to becoming an Independent Seller (or Independent Designer as they so formally name it).

Because I am addicted to purchasing unique items I picked out 2 floating charms and chose a large necklace pendant that came with 2 floating charms for the reasonable price of $60. Some of the charms I wanted were not at the seller’s table so I had to receive a mail-in order instead of receiving my products right away.

Two Weeks Later…

I receive the cutest Octagon sky blue box housing the large charm.


The box was accompanied by little plastic bags containing the smaller charms.

The floating charms were simply adorable and I fell instantly in love with the product. My charms consisted of:

-a pencil that represented my love of writing

-scissors that represents my love of crafting

-a heart with a cross that represents my Christianity and Love for God

-the letter “Q” represents my married name

-the pink heart and the lightening bolt accompanied the large plate that reads: Kind-Heart, Fierce Mind and Brave Spirit (all things I feel I acquire)

After admiring the charms I placed them inside my faux-diamond bordered necklace plate.

Look at all that Bling!


I am totally digging my necklace!

Overall, I loved the time-frame in which I received my product! I loved the quality of the necklace charm ,however, if you have an allergy to fake jewelry I would recommend you purchase a sterling silver or gold chain. Also this makes a great birthday, anniversary or “just because” gift.

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