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Looking for customized bedding or a comfy blanket for your lil one? If so, look no further as Baby Room Couture can satisfy this need! Baby Room Couture provides hand stitched children linen, bath robes and more. This Chicago-based business, started by Marjorie Rogers, provides intimately custom-made items that will leave you captivated upon receipt of every order.

I had the honors of patronizing Baby Room Couture. I ordered a custom blanket for my expecting cousin. My cousin’s baby room theme were Converse and her choice of colors were red and blue. I placed my order by email and received my order at the exact time I was told it would be received. I was speechless with the end product plus my cousin was in love with the blanket when I gave it to her. The blanket was soft to the touch, exactly what I ordered plus exceeded my expectations. Her professionalism was impeccable as she responded to my email within an hour it was sent and she alerted me when the blanket would be mailed. I highly recommend Baby Couture and I will order from there again.

The beautiful blanket I received from Baby Room Couture

I was so impressed by her talents, I had to inquire about an interview. I am so elated she accepted my invite.

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Marjorie’s Most Valued Accomplishments:

  •  Starting a business alone. Most people don’t know the amount of fear I once had in me, and allowed to control me.
  • Believing in myself. I always thought I needed someone to do this with me in order for me to be successful.


Q: What inspired you to start Baby Room Couture?

A:  My son.  I’ve wanted a business of my own since 7th grade; never found one that was right for me.  I saw my son lying in his crib with custom bedding my mom made and said “I want him to have more!”  I wanted to be the person to do it.  I said to myself “I can do this.”  So I made a plan to put it into motion and I haven’t stopped.

Marjorie in Action working on an order

Q: Did someone teach you to sew or are you self-taught?

 A: My first major in college was Fashion Design so you had to take sewing classes (clothing).  I had two semesters of sewing at Columbia College, everything else is self taught.

I actually had no desire to sew at all…lol.  I desired to be a designer only, and have someone else bring my designs to life.  Even with Baby Room Couture, I wanted my mother to be the one to put the pieces together for me.  I wanted to pick the fabrics, the prints, and decide how it would go together for her.  She is great at sewing!  Not a good teacher though…lol. I remember as a little girl, she tried to teach my sister and I how to sew head bands and bows *rolls eyes*.  My sister (who hates sewing now) caught on just fine.  Me, well I didn’t catch on so good and got yelled at for not being able to…lol.  That is when I decided I never wanted to sew and I only wanted to design.

Now, my mom wasn’t able to be a part of this the way I needed so I was forced to sew myself.  I struggled in the beginning because it was a lot different from sewing clothes, I was making my own patterns, and I kept saying to myself, “I don’t want to sew” which made it discouraging (geesh) but I figured it out because giving up on my dream was no longer an option.  I had a child that I knew one day I will have to encourage him to follow his dreams.  It became even more important to me to set the tone and be a good example.  Knowing that I have him looking up to me encourages me even more to keep going and growing.

Marjorie vending her items at the R.Q. Uniquely Event for the Arts

Q: Does Baby Room Couture offer items for adults as well?

A:  Ha…I get asked this quite often.  My items are geared towards children, but I have made some things for adults (robe, decorative bathroom towels, and a blanket).  It’s not something I do often and I usually never post it on my page because I am not sure if that is a door I want to open fully just yet.

Q: Who would you say is your greatest Motivator?

A: Easy one; It’s two people.  My son and my sister equally are my greatest motivators.  I actually have a lot of support, but my sister is one of my greatest motivators because she tends to have this nonchalant attitude about e-ver-ry-thing! *laughter*.  She has said the best things to me so unexpectedly since starting my business.  My sister picked up a second job for a little while so that she could help me financially.  I found this out when I went back to work after two years.  When I got the new job, she said “Thank God! I can let this second job go now’”.  When I asked why she was quitting the second job she said it was working that job to help me.  *Tears*.  We’ve always done things for each other so I thought she just wanted the extra money (she loves to shop-lol).  This is just one example of many, but I think it was the one that touched my heart the most.  My son motivates me because after having him, a lot in me changed.  I feel like I have a purpose now.  I know we all do, but he made it different…real.  I can’t do anything negative with my life because he is watching.  We are all great and I want to show him that and pave the way for him to be even greater.

Q:   Does Baby Room Couture have any upcoming events or products you would like to share?

A: No events at this moment, but I have been trying to keep my eyes and ears open if one is to come up. I know that Baby Room Couture will be a part of the Black Women’s Expo of 2018! I am in the process of transitioning for better.  I can’t go into detail just yet, but it’s coming.  I like to see things come to life before I open my big excited mouth *laughing*.

Q: On top of running a business you are also a mother, how do you successfully juggle the two roles?

A:  I do exactly that *giggles*; I juggle and whatever lands in my hand at that time, I deal with it.  I make sure that I talk to my son constantly about what I am doing and why.  He is very much a part of it (another way we spend time together).  I let him model for me, be the photographer, and just be a helping hand in general even if it is just to throw something away or put something up.

Marjorie’s son having a Great time modeling Baby Couture items

Q: For some interested in opening a small business, what advice would you give?

A: It is going to be very hard, but PLEASE KEEP GOING.  Only those who gave up will tell you that you won’t be able to do that, but find someone to look up to and read their story every time you want to give up.

BE YOUR OWN KIND Staple Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

A:  CRAZY! I lose my mind often…but it leads to me meeting some beautiful people, making great products that people love, and some awesome opportunities.  I am not always sure what the next step is, if I am coming or going, and when a challenge appears, I question this whole thing…but I press on anyway.  God continues to show me this is for me, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, and invested a lot into this.

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