Life Coach Nesha; Executive Behavior

Executive Behavior’s Life Coach Nesha

I had the pleasure of meeting Life Coach Nesha through a friend of mine at a business expo. Last year we traveled to New York and I experienced her networking and encouraging everyone she came across. She is not just an influential woman but she carries herself as a brand and owns her words with great confidence.

My first time listening to Life Coach Nesha speak was life changing, as she shared her trials that helped pave the way for her triumphs. She expounded on how her journey led her to the epitome of having the power to become the CEO of her own life. Life Coach Nesha has such a powerful story of overcoming tough obstacles in life that later inspired her to catapult her life coaching consultant firm, Executive Behavior. Executive Behavior is a life-coaching firm that mentors others on taking back their power to illustrate their own life and walk in their success.

Life Coach Nesha; Executive Behavior
Courtesy of Executive Behavior

How to Find Life Coach Nesha

Nesha’s Most Valued Accomplishments

  • Receiving both my Bachelors and Master degrees
  • Publishing my journal CEO Sessions
  • Sold out my first empowerment brunch twice


Q: In my introduction I touched on obstacles you faced to walk into your success, can you share one of those obstacles? How did this shape the person you are today?

A: One of my biggest obstacles was choosing between being practical or stepping out on faith.  I was working for the state of Illinois for 3 years at the age of 23. October of 2016 they pretty much told me you either work there or I had to drop out of my Masters Degree program ( that they wasn’t  even paying for).  That was so tough on me. I had health insurance, salary, and working on a pension. However, I was bored, wasn’t in my passion field, I was helping others but I wasn’t satisfied. I also worked too damn hard in school for someone to just tell me to drop something and not caring if I will ever go back to receive it later. I had to know what I valued which was my goals. The way my goals were set up I had to finish my education. So I did, this May i received my Masters in Social Work and became a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Life Coach Nesha; Executive Behavior
Courtesy of Executive Behavior

Q: What made you decide to embark in the career of life coaching?

 A:  A former professor mentioned it. I got so curious I hash-tagged it on social made which sparked me to do more research. I knew I could be great at this. I love people! I love guiding, empowering, teaching, and giving whatever God wants me to give. I had already been to few networking events by that time so I was on this empowerment train and I used that energy to do something I knew I was going to be passionate about.

Q: Executive Behavior’s mission is to guide and empower individuals to live an Executive Lifestyle. Can you define what an Executive lifestyle entails? Also, how can a person achieve this lifestyle?

A: Stand in your truth no matter the mistakes you made, own them and show the enemy that what was meant to hurt you, blessed you. Living the Executive Lifestyle means you are the CEO of your life and making sound decisions that will lead you to your ultimate goal. The issue is some people do not know what that goal is or looks like, that is why I am here to help.

Q: As far as clients, is there a particular age range or gender you provide services to?

A:  13 and older.

Courtesy of Executive Behavior

Q: What/Who would you say is your greatest Motivator?

A: What motivates me would be the thought that one day I want to be someone’s mother. So its my job to try to the best I can right now so I can try to give my seed everything they need like my parents have tried for my sister and I. Who motivates me? Everyone who genuinely loves me. I just want them to be proud and I want to help them reach their goals. So I need to do what I can, because the love I receive is not taken for granted. Its a blessing.

Q:   As I was researching, I noticed that you are also tied to a group named Boss Link Up, can you elaborate on what this group is about?

A: Oh yes! I am glad you mentioned it. It started because I went to a brunch with some ladies to network. I only knew one person there. It was hosted by Alice Foy. She was so classy. The ladies were amazing. She was only in town for a few days. I didn’t know her personally and wanted to meet her. We talked about goals, had a little girl talk and what amazed me was that everyone seems so comfortable to talk to each other when we pretty much just met. So I went to a friend of mine ,Life Coach Trenity, and I told her about my experience. I expressed to her that I would love to do something like a brunch or a dinner with an intimate group of women to talk about our business goals, have a little girl talk and just enjoy each other’s presence.

There were two reasons creating this event was important to me:

  1. Women can be very competitive and very secretive and not trustworthy to each other and I desire to break this barrier women have towards one another.
  2. In the city of Chicago is seems like we do not have enough activities that involves women doing stuff together.

So I just I wanted to be able to start an event where women can come in just as women; not a mother, not a wife, not a cousin or a a sister, just a woman engaging in great conversation. So now Life Coach Trenity and I host an event every business quarter. So far, we have gotten an amazing response as seats are quickly filled. And now I’m going to take this experience and add that to something that I am launching in the fall. It’s going to be epic!

Q: You have recently created a journal, entitled, “CEO Sessions Journals”, what areas are covered in this journal?

A: I am so proud of this journal as at first I was so scared to even create it. This journal is a 30-day challenge. This journal gives readers the option to pick one or two goals for the month.  Every single day the reader has to write down the steps it takes to accomplish this goal to encourage the reader to commit to their goals. There are inspirational quotes for every single day the journal is utilized as a motivational factor alongside questions to answer. These questions help the reader to reevaluate where they are currently in their life. It’s important to look at those questions and look how you’re answering them. If the questions are answered honestly,  it may give the reader a revelation of their next personal or professional goal.  Also, this journal is ideal for of all ages and genders!

Courtesy of Executive Behavior

Q: If a person is interested in purchasing this journal, how would they go about grabbing a copy?

A: You can head to Amazon or you email me at

Q: On top of being a Life Coach, creating a journal and being affiliated with various groups, you are also planning a wedding. How do you manage to effectively juggle all of these things at once?

A:  Prayer to capacity. Hahaha. What are the things that I always say is that I am a multi-tasking Queen. However let’s be real, even a queen can sometimes get stressed. I have to constantly write things down because if I don’t write them down it’s never going to happen. Working in the Social Work field taught me that documentation is key to help you remember your goals or your tasks delegated for that day. I can also say that I have a good group of people around me I can always talk to. I tell my fiancée about things that are going on and just being able to talk about it helps me keep everything in order.  I also reach out to my parents, future- in-laws and friends to help run errands for the wedding or for any business affairs, if needed. Multitasking and having things to do is a blessing, being busy is a blessing so why get stressed?  I’m in my element and I’m loving it!  I can handle these things whatever I throw at myself or God throws at me I have to do it no matter how many tears I cry or whatever happens, I’m going to do it.

Life Coach Nesha; Executive Behavior
Courtesy of Executive Behavior

Q: As a life coach, what advice would you give to someone that feels powerless in their life?

A: Besides prayer ,because that’s a personal answer for myself, I would advise the individual to look inside them-self to see what is creating this feeling. You don’t deserve to live like that.  You have to love yourself to know what you deserve in life. You deserve to have power over your life,  you deserve to be great, you deserve to live your life the best way you can live it and be happy and bound by nothing. That’s what power is, having love and standards for yourself. We are all human and sometimes we do feel powerless and have those moments ,however, you have to learn how to get back up. So look inside you, see what’s keeping you. See what’s holding you back and work on letting it go. Make a goal to put yourself in a position of Power. This may involve firing some people in your life and hiring new people in your life. You may even need to hire a life coach, move to different environment, change jobs, or  you may have to go back to school to fulfill a career goal.  Whatever the situation you have to do whatever you feel is necessary to fill what’s missing in your life.

BE YOUR OWN KIND Staple Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?   

A:  Blessed

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