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Creating A Healthy World with Fitness Coach Fannie

Fitness is that word that make most mouths cringe. Most people avoid this topic as it may seem frustrating or difficult for some to reach their fitness goals. Most people struggling to reach a healthy weight feel defeated and hopeless. I speak from experience, as I have tried all the fad diets, diet pills, you name it. All resulted in temporary weight loss causing me to return to square one.

Even after reading some of those success stories, someone could still feel unmotivated as they feel it would never happen for them. But what if there is solution to remedy unhealthy living? Or a possibility of finding a personal trainer that can relate to your struggle and help you successfully achieve that goal? Personally for me, I have found those superhuman abilities in Mrs. Fannie Dillingham. Fannie is the founder of the Create Your World campaign that encourages obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Fannie is familiar with dealing with weight loss and gaining it back and has overcame losing a great amount of weight three times over. Fluctuating in weight for many years, she decided to apply the principle of turning herself into a project plan like the ones she had to create in her professional career- timelines and deadlines, she was successful. At this point in her life she made the conscious effort to make time for herself while working a full-time job and being a devoted wife and mother. Her story may be similar to some but her weight loss journey is unique to her. We all have the ability to create the body and healthy style we desire. So you all already know my obsession with uniqueness so of course I had to invite Fannie for an interview and I am so happy she so kindly accepted.

How to Reach Fannie:

Fannie’s Three Most Valued Accomplishments

  • Having Children
  • Ridding Weight
  • Becoming a Full-Time Entrepreneur 


Q: Besides your personal weight loss journey, what other factors played into your decision to be a fitness coach?

A: The psychological aspect of healthy lifestyle changes. The process starts in the mind. I’ve found the connection is deeply connected to other experiences in people’s lives that may have a detrimental effect on their success in achieving optimal health. There are some cases where the individual is in need of medical counseling before embarking on a health journey such as this.

Q: What is your largest triumph as a fitness coach?

A: Witnessing people that gave up over and over again become resilient, build confidence and reach and exceed their health and fitness goals.

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Q: I found it interesting that a work contest helped catapult your fitness journey. Besides the weight loss contest, what made you continue losing weight?

A: I’ve struggled with my weight many years before the contest and lost and gained weight time and again. The contest happened to be yet another attempt of me losing weight. This time, I referred to the career I was in at the time and turned myself into a project plan like the ones I was developing and executing. It was less about the money and more about my overall unhappiness, although the monetary incentive wasn’t a bad one. It was yet another attempt at me being healthy and fit. I started to do research on healthy eating and exercise. I gained respect for myself and food. I felt smarter and more informed. I’d developed patience.

Q: There was a time you were told by a doctor that you would be unable to work out to your full capacity and over time you proved the doctor wrong. Can you please share your story?

A: I was in a car accident that left me with a bulging disk in my back. This was one of the most painful experiences of my life. It happened right as I was receiving an abundance of fitness opportunities, ones that could not be rescheduled. I knew my motivation and purpose was grounded in my business, Create Your World. There was no way I was giving up. I modified my workouts until I got stronger and stronger. I increased my level of teaching in class and became very acquainted with the world of people that have to modify workouts on a regular basis. The experience humbled me and increased my level of gratitude and empathy. I’m better because of it. Again, I proved to myself if I can think it, I can achieve it as long as I apply myself. This is the same methodology I teach my clients.

Q: From personal experience I know that you are well versed in a plethora of workouts from Zumba to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), what was the first workout class you ever led?

A: I was working out to a beat before I knew there was Zumba. I taught a Zumba/HIIT style workout to a friend of mine in a cosmetic salon.

Q: To date what is your favorite workout to lead?

A: I love HIIT because it pushes me pass my limits. It gets my heartrate up, my adrenaline is pumping and my competitive nature with myself to succeed comes out. There was a time I couldn’t do any of this. I get excited every time I do. I love myself with every completion. The feeling never gets old. Each time I see growth and I love it.

Q: Most people that have taken charge of their fitness express that pivotal moment that drove them to success, what was that moment for you?

A: Honestly there’s never been one moment. With every step there’s been progress. I’m very driven and always seek ways to improve. Every moment has been a step towards where I am now. I appreciate the entire process. The days I had no clients to the days I didn’t have the capacity to take on any new clients.

Q: Can you elaborate on the Create Your World program and all of the services you provide?

Q: If an individual is interested in your program how would they reach you?

A: I can be reached at or by email.

Q: Are there any upcoming programs and events you would like to announce?


  •  The Create Your World 30 Day Shred: This is an online fitness program I have and runs for 30 days every month. They videos are 15 minutes each and I am your online fitness trainer. You’re placed in a private Facebook group where you’ll receive the support of other members.
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  • Saturday and Sunday Boot Camp: I instruct lakefront workouts Saturday mornings at 8am and Sundays at 9am.
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  • Empowerment Brunch: I am hosting an an empowerment brunch June 24, 2017, details can be found Here.
Create Your World Fitness
Courtesy of Create Your World Fitness

I also have a healthy cookbook soon to be released! Check my social media for other events- there are plenty coming up where I’m working with other organizations to teach group fitness and conduct nutrition classes.

Q: For those on the fence or discouraged about losing weight, what advice would you give?

A: Stay the course. Never give up. You will get better each time you try. Eventually it will happen. You will grow in patience and understanding. Your love for yourself will grow and the weight will come off as a result.

BE YOUR OWN KIND Staple Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

A: Resilient. I’ve experienced a lot in life. I learn and grow from experiences. I don’t believe in laying down to die. I have a lot to live for and I want to be great while doing it. My bounce back is pretty swift and strong. Unfavorable situations come with the territory. I’m blessed to know how to look for the lesson and accept my part and work on it.

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