Gotta Have Faith!


A 5 letter word that can change your entire life with one swift decision. Faith is something you  heavily rely on when you whole-heartedly want to do something. You don’t care what others think because it’s what you want to believe or who you want to believe or where you want to go. And whether people believe they don’t have faith in anything. I believe we all have faith in something.

There are people in our life we have faith won’t let us down or dreams that we have faith can be fulfilled. Faith comes with an insurmountable amount of self confidence that something is going to happen no matter the obstacles or roadblocks.


Often when the word Faith is spoken, it is often tied to Religion. I personally do have Faith in God but I also believe that even with that faith I am required to step out on whatever I want with a made up mind.  For instance I can’t pray to be disciplined to lose weight if I am not willing to change my eating habits. Faith comes down to taking action to turn a dream to reality.

I first thought about Faith when I wrote the post about Fear.  Although they are both small words that will make or break your destiny. Fear inhibits progression as faith encourages it. Faith would always have to be stronger than fear in order to move forward.

So what do you do when your Fear is stronger than Faith? I say do it anyway.  Fear troubles us on all the impossibilities as faith is aware of how hardships will arise but tries anyway.  I believe most people miss the main point of trying are the experiences.  Faith does not eliminate failure.  Faith is the stepping out of a comfortable situation in hopes of reaching a goal.  If the first attempt does not pan out, then Faith drives another point and then another.  How can we learn if we never bump our head?  None of us would be walking as adults had we never tried to walk after falling when we were toddlers.

Baby Falling

My entire point of this post is to encourage the weary to keep pushing.  Lift up the discouraged and plead for you to keep striving.  Implore those who don’t know where to start to ask questions.

I believe you and I can live the life we desire, if we get out of our heads and step out on our beliefs. What keeps me pushing is not looking back 5 years later and being in the same spot.  If you feel stagnant, find that constant something or someone in your life to give you a push and even pray for you to received that extra push.  Because in whatever you do you got to have Faith.


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