Lady C’s Creations: Baking one Dream at a Time

Mrs. Chardai Kerby a.k.a Lady C is a citizen of the Own Kind Campaign as she has taken her talent and added her own spin to the world of baking by providing aesthetically designed delicious desserts. Seven years ago, she created her online bakery, Lady C’s Inspired Creations, that has left a major footprint in the city of Chicago.

Lady C at event
Photo Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

I have known Lady C for many years and was instantly drawn to her loving and kind personality. I’ve always known her to be a tenacious young lady that accomplishes everything she sets out to do while simultaneously helping others along the way. Her vivaciousness is displayed in each design and she takes pride in satisfying her customers. She is known to take her customer’s ideas and turn them into a scrumptious reality.  I have personally ordered from her and she 100% delivered on every detail of my request for my sweet table at my R.Q. Uniquely event.

R.Q.Uniquely cupcake
R.Q. Uniquely cupcake made by Lady C’s Inspired Creations

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Lady C’s 3 Most Valued Accomplishments:

Presenting Chicago’s Hip Hop Radio station 107.5 WGCI with their Anniversary CakeWGCI Morning CakePhoto Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

Her cakes featured on VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago

Kat Tat Cake

     Made for Kat Tat of VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago
Photo Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

Black Ink Crew Chicago
Made for Danielle of VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago
               Photo Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

Being able to meet so many people and giving them a piece of me every time my cakes walk out the door

Photo Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations


 Q: Firstly, I have to ask what flavor is this delicious Candyland looking cake?

Lady C's Candy Cake
Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

A:  It is a yellow and fresh strawberry cake.

Q: What inspired this cake?

 A: My customer said they wanted a fun cake…I went with my imagination.

Q: I would just like to add that I love your cake art, might I add they taste as good as they look. Where did you learn the art of cake decorating or was this an innate talent you discovered?

 A:  I was not taught…I’ m self-taught. This is legit a God given talent

Q: What inspired you to start baking?

 A:   Uuummmm….to be honest I was hungry lol and wanted sweets.

Q: What was your favorite cake to bake and what was the event?

A:   My favorite cake thus far…probably the drip cakes. They just look so pretty. But I love all of my cakes!! But I’m thinking the 90’s cake, it was a 90’s themed birthday party.

A Strawberry Flavored Drip Cake Photo Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

Q: What are your baking specialties?

 A:  Custom cake and cocktail cupcakes.

Q:  Also, you are spreading the love of baking by hosting your own Cake  Decorating event this past February? How was this experience?

 A:   It was very fun!! A lot of people came out and they enjoyed it!


Lady C demonstrating icing a cake at Valentine’s Cake Decorating Event
Photo Courtesy of Lady C’s Inspired Creations

Q: Do you plan on hosting another event similar to this soon?

 A: Yes I do! I’m thinking I may do another one for sweetest day but that is up in the air.

Q: Are there any projects you are working on that you would like for us to know?

 A: Yes, my launch party!! Stay tuned!

Q: Because this blog celebrates uniqueness, what is the unique flare you bring to the world of baking?

A:  I think I bring them my personality! In every cake I let my personality play a major role in designing!

BE YOUR OWN KIND Staple Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Explain your answer.

A: ENERGETIC!!! I’m always on the go and always have my hands in more than one thing!!

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