Creating A Healthy World with Fitness Coach Fannie

Fitness is that word that make most mouths cringe. Most people avoid this topic as it may seem frustrating or difficult for some to reach their fitness goals. Most people struggling to reach a healthy weight feel defeated and hopeless. I speak from experience, as I have tried all the fad diets, diet pills, you […]


3 Consequences from NOT Following Through

In my twenties, following through is something I have always struggled with.  I guess I never saw the importance of it or never considered the consequences by not doing it until I grew older.  Nevertheless the consequences of it shined brightly, so bright that over the last year I have been diligently working to get […]

Lady C’s Creations: Baking one Dream at a Time

Mrs. Chardai Kerby a.k.a Lady C is a citizen of the Own Kind Campaign as she has taken her talent and added her own spin to the world of baking by providing aesthetically designed delicious desserts. Seven years ago, she created her online bakery, Lady C’s Inspired Creations, that has left a major footprint in […]

Bouncing Back Moment: A Second Chance At It

I know that I have shared bits and pieces of myself in past posts, however, I thought it appropriate to share some of my personal stories to help you get to know me and understand my journey. I entitle these posts “Bouncing Back” moments as these are things I have encountered that have or are […]