Life Coach Trenity: Helping Fulfil one Dream at a Time

I’ve been blessed to have known Mrs. Trenity Dobbey for over 10 years and it has been an exciting ride!  We met as co-workers and later became great friends as we bonded over the growing pains of life and encouraged each other to be the women we are today.  Not only is she a great friend, but she is a beloved wife to her high school sweetheart. As a profession, she is a social worker for Chicago’s Department of Children and Family Services and in her spare time she mentors young women. She has been a philanthropist at heart since I’ve known her, I don’t know how she finds the time to fund a Senior’s high school prom or sponsor an entrepreneur’s event. But the fact remains she does it all and she does it well!


A couple years back she was impressed to join the career path of becoming a life coach. Last year, her dreams came into fruition and T3 Life Coaching was born. T3 Life Coaching is an establishment that helps give that extra push to help one live their desired life. I am not only an announcer of T3 Life Coaching but I am also a customer!  Last year I shared my dreams with her with a defeatist attitude. It was just seemed like so much to achieve what I wanted to do. Over the course of 3 months we met for weekly sessions and she broke down my desired goal into smaller goals. This helped birthed my Etsy shop R.Q Uniquely and, of course, my blog.

All said above is just a snippet of how she gives back and believe me she is always giving back. Her unique way of giving back to the community and beyond the community is one of the main reasons I asked her for an interview.

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 Trenity’s Three Most Valued Accomplishments:

  • Induction into the Chicago Vocational Career Academy Hall of Fame
  • Nomination for Youth Coach of the Year
  • Completion of Master’s Program


 Q: What inspired you to be become a life coach?

A: I became a life coach to help people! I remember having times in my life where I wished I had someone to offer advice, be supportive, motivating, or just help me figure out life. I also think we live in an over clinical society. Not everyone requires a diagnosis or prescription. Some people just need a little push.

Q: I have once heard the saying that people have similar talents but individuals add their own flare. What would you say is your personal flare of being a life coach?

A: I think I have the knack to relate to people! I’ve experienced so much that has endowed me with this ability to genuinely relate to people.

Q: Piggying back to your statement, “genuinely relate to people”. Do you believe that so many people would feel better supported if individuals were sincerely empathetic to one another? 

A:  I do! I feel that as people when you see that someone is sincerely empathetic it’s easy to feel supported due to feeling like someone is really taking your experience into consideration. Empathy is much more than listening. Empathy is listening, being present, and simply caring! I myself have been in situations where empathy truly impacted the outcome. 

Life Coach Trenity’s first event “A Woman’s Guide To Life Conference”.

Q: As far as clients, is there a target range of ages?

A: I generally work with women within the ages of 10-50. However, I’m always open to helping those in need.

Q:   As stated earlier, you mentioned you were inducted in your high school’s Hall of Fame. First off, Congratulations as that is a very prestigious honor. In what ways has your high school years shaped your present character?

A: I think going to a vocational high school has been one of the driving factors behind my work ethic. I also think I learned a lot from peers on how to handle and not handle situations. I also learned structure and commitment by way of being a cheerleader.

Q: Was there a particular person/mentor you had in high school?

A: Yes! Mrs. Anderson! Wow! She was like a second mom! She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She pushed me when I felt stuck and encouraged me when I felt like I couldn’t!

Q: Do you feel like you are paying it forward when helping your clients?

A: Most definitely! I feel like with each client I’m able to help the younger me by helping them! I invest in each of my clients! Not for money or future recommendations, but because I genuinely care about their growth and progress.

Q: You mentioned that you have “had many professional and personal experiences that have fueled your drive” in your biography found on the T3 Life Coaching site? Do you care to share one of the experiences you can contribute to your success?

A: I think losing my father! His passing made me realize that I no longer had a safety net and that I needed to be the person and woman he raised me to be! My fathers’ passing forced me to dig deep and Boss up!

Q: I also read on your site that you were in the process of writing a book. Do you mind sharing the general topic of the book and when the book is scheduled to be released?

The book is officially released! The title is the How to Guide: Establishing & Accomplishing Goals. The book was created to help individuals struggling with identifying what they want to do, goals, their niche, etc. as well as how to accomplish goals. The book helps individuals by providing key steps in not only establishing goals but accomplishing them as well.

Q: If a person is interested in purchasing this book, how would they go about purchasing a copy?

A: Good question! Individuals wanting to purchase the book can email me directly or via Amazon. A link will be created soon on my website.

Q: Are there any more projects that you are working on that would like for the public to know?

A: Always! Lol! Keep up with me for upcoming projects!

Q: The Be Your Own Kind blog celebrate uniqueness and I find there a lot of people afraid to be themselves in fear of how they will be received. What advice would you give to those individuals?

A: Just be you! I spent years trying to be what others wanted me to be or living up to false expectations, rather than focusing on being who and doing what makes me happy. We spend so much time living up to the expectations of others that we fail to value who God made us to be! I always say, live your life, be you, be true, and be unapologetic!

BE YOUR OWN KIND Staple Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

A:  Hmmmm! Determined! This word describes me as no matter what, I try, I can, I am, I will, and I did! I find myself always pushing to be better, greater, and to grow. I think that I have pushed through and survived so much because of my determination to be great and succeed. I have never allowed my circumstances to stop me from moving forward and going for it.


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