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I was raised in the wonderful city of Chicago, although, the world currently knows it as Chi-raq, it is still the best city to me. Call me insane, but I believe our skyline is magnificent. It seems as if the sky is a backdrop to our majestic sequence of skyscrapers that include our infamous Willis Tower a.k.a. Sears Tower, John Hancock and so on.

Isn’t it Wonderful!

We Chicagoans never know what to wear as our weather is highly unpredictable. One can predict by Lake Michigan if our winds will blow hard and it will be ice chilly in the winters or nice and humid summer.

Lake Michigan is beautiful alongside Lake Shore Drive, which is sort of a highway but mostly not if you ask Chicago’s Police Department as the speed limit is set to 45 m.p.h. The beach stretch from the South side of the city all the way up North. However, I never heard the beach actually be called the beach as we South Siders refer to it as the “the lake”. At the lake we all congregate with family and friends listening to music, grilling and holding fun-filled conversations. These are the things the news doesn’t portray, as it only highlights our crime or corrupt government.

When I thought about this post, I was thinking about how much I am always wanting to explore other cities and how I neglect taking advantage of the interesting things in my city. There are so many things about my city I have yet to discover and recently I have been finding new things constantly. For instance, my husband and I were riding on the southeast of Chicago and came across a tire tree found next to Blackstone Bicycle Works.

This was so cool to me as I remember coming across a gum drop tree and a chair tree in Philadelphia. When I was in Philadelphia I was like “it would be cool if we had trees like these” and whaddayaknow we do!

Gum Tree in Philadelphia
Chair Tree in Philadelphia

Also, I noticed when I am walking downtown sometimes they drop statues across the street from the NBC building. A couple of years ago it was all-time diva Ms. Marilyn Monroe.

And currently it’s Abraham Lincoln handing over the Gettysburg address to a man in this century.

This is amazing as it seems they randomly drop statues in this spot and you never know what to expect.

Now the purpose of this post is not to promote Chicago but maybe in a way it is. However, the main objective was to encourage you to learn about the city or suburb you live in. You will never know what it offers or how interesting the history of your town is if you never take the time and find out. For instance when I went on the architectural tour I learned the city reversed the direction of water stream. Chicago is built on in my opinion on nothing and they just created a city on top of a swamp.

I promise you I am not making this up!

Who knew that a cow would be the city’s mascot from the alleged rumor of this animal starting the Great Chicago fire.

Learning and reading about my city increased the pride I have for my hometown. And although nothing is perfect, I would like to think my city is perfect for me. And no I am not negating the negative here but I’m also not overlooking its beauty.

Are you aware of any interesting facts about your hometown? If so, please comment below.


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