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My husband and I were watching Being Mary Jane (Love that show!) and one of the scenes involved the characters wearing headphones at a house party. Honestly our initial reaction was “What is the point of this?” and “the purpose of a party is to engage”. Then I began to think of the dynamics of the current generation to discover this fits perfectly in today’s age.  Today’s culture involves restaurants full of tables with people glaring into their phone screens or people walking down the street answering texts or checking their social media page.  I have rarely seen people engaging in conversation while out due to the technological distractions.   Don’t get me wrong, I am also guilty for having a long lasting relationship with my phone however, this is not a blog to discuss how we are constantly ignoring each other but to glorify the genius that invented a concept that tailor fits our antisocial culture.

Being a little bit skeptical I came across an invite to one of these parties that are actually called “Silent Parties”. I contacted one of my closest friends and asked if she would come with me and she gladly accepted…so here goes the story. But first, my happy face!

This is the look that derived after giving my ticket to the doorman, standing in line to hand over my I.D. in exchange of neon-lighted headphones. Once the headphones are handed to me, I am told there are three DJs and I have the option to tuning into their stations throughout the night. The colors on the headphones helped all DJs gauge how many people are listening to them. After figuring out how to use the volume and change the stations, my friend and I were ready to party. BUT FIRST A SELFIE….

As seen below the lights are dim and the party is going into everyone’s ears and everyone is having a Great time.

In this picture one could see that no one was even thinking about socializing. Matter of fact I think my friend, myself and other 30 somethings were trying to hold a conversation but it was too much trying to hear each other and the music.

Now listening to this, the crowd sound like maniacs. When actually the screams derived from the DJ’s instructions. When you think of it, it was more entertaining listening to the crowd without the headphones as the audience was live in such a “music-less space”.

For the lack of a better word I would rate this party as DOPE!  With the headphones on, you are in your zone and you have the option to listen to something else rather than sit through a song you don’t like. To sum up the experience it’s a surfing radio stations while singing in the shower type of feel.  If you have the opportunity to go to one of these it is greatly encouraged.

If you have gone to one of these parties, please share your experience in the comment section or the Be Your Own Kind Facebook page. I love to hear about your experience.

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