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I thought I would share my journey on starting the Be Your Own Kind blog, just in case you were wondering. A good place to start at is my attempt to be a freelance writer. I was able to land 1.5 gigs during my freelance writing career. I count half for one of the other jobs because the client wanted 10 articles in 1 day and I was like…

So needless to say that career did not pan out for me. My disclaimer: I am not knocking freelance writing; I’m just saying it was not for me. I applied for so many of them and I even wrote sample stories just not to be picked. It felt like homework as I was researching to write a story that in my mind would end up in the trash. One could say that maybe writing was not my thing because I was hardly picked. But I say you win some and in this case I lost most. I accredited this failed attempt as not being able to write about interesting subjects. Glass Half-Full.

My next idea was creating a blog myself. For starters I could employ myself and I could also pick topics I wanted to talk about. Now this could seemed pretty pretentious sounding considering my posts are based off my experiences and what I’ve learned. But what other experience or journey could I expound on other than my own. And although this was true I wanted to incorporate others on my blog so that there would be a variety of idea points.

So now I decided I wanted to write a blog and incorporate others, now what? What do I want to talk about? What can I say to fulfill a purpose? I initially thought about stepping outside the box and how I struggled with being different for so long and I felt like there was something wrong with me. I never liked the same music as people around me or dressed like everyone around me and I thought that maybe I was just simply rebellious. The older I became the more I realized that different was neither right or wrong , it was just simply different. That got me to wondering if there were others out there that felt the same way I did. Were there others out there battling with inadequacy and are forced to conform? When I say conform I am not talking about breaking the law or obvious ethical codes, I mean adjusting oneself to fit in for the sole purpose of being accepted by others.

And this type of thinking seems quite irrational when you are outside looking in, but when inside looking out you yearn for that feeling to be yourself while being accepted. In actuality the only person you need to accept is YOU and for those that don’t accept you that is their lost. It may not seem like it but there are people that will love you for the person you are simply because you are being the person you are. This type of feeling does not come over night and you have to re-acquaint yourself with yourself and make sure you are living the best version of you and not someone else’s.

With this idea in mind, I had to think of an audience and I just chose anyone who can identify with this feeling. In hindsight, depression and suicidal feelings are not racist or prejudice, it can hit anyone! In this world there are people feeling lost or have killed themselves because they did not feel accepted. There are a lot of lonely people because no one can take time out their busy schedule to get to know a person and understand them. Just think of the lives that can be saved for someone to hear “Hey I got you” or “I never went through that but I would love to hear your point of view”. So my audience is anyone that may be feeling this way or others who have felt this way and have decided to create their own versions of them. My aim was to encourage others as I encourage myself, that it’s ok to step out and fulfill your dreams simply because their YOUR DREAMS. We only get one life so why not live it the way we imagined. Ok, so I digressed, back to story.

So I found my niche and found my audience…But wait a minute, I needed a website to blog on. That never crossed my mind…well the next dilemma was finding someone to create my blog site for me and that was hundreds and hundreds of dollars, so I took the DIY route. The more links I clicked on I wanted to change my mind and find someone to create this site for me. I also found so many sites talking about how much money they made from their blog, however, there were particular topics that attracted sponsors. I never even thought about sponsors, I am not selling anything in my blog; I am just promoting individuality and who on earth wants to sponsor that?

Yet in still that is not my initial aim so I pinned that to my “worry about later” list. Meanwhile I most definitely needed a webpage. After months and months of research I stumbled across and the blogger Suzi created an e-book entitled “Blog by Number” that was directed to Stay at Home Moms. No, I did not forget to mention my kids in the “About Me” section. But just like the Stay at Home Mom I am very busy with my full-time job, being a wife and my Etsy Shop. Also for those that think Stay at Home Moms is an easy task, it is not as they are just as busy if not more than as us career wives or working moms. They are constantly on the clock and I tip my hat off to them. With that in mind I felt that if a busy Stay at Home mom could manage to build a successful blog then I could find the time too. So I purchased the book for $17.99 and started my journey. And just in case you wondered I am not being coerced into mentioning this book I actually followed the steps and it helped me a lot as you can see. But wait I am getting ahead of myself.

Like seriously the above picture is a snapshot of my tech skills. So even with the step by step I was feeling anxious. In her book she referred the website Siteground to create my domain. From this step it was trial and error until I could manipulate the site to look how I wanted it to. I even asked one of my brutally honest friends and my husband for their opinion as essentially the site has to be easy to use for the viewers so I hope that the site is easy for you to navigate through.

As I said earlier I did eventually set up my own site (as you already knew the ending of the story). Yet I will say that if you are thinking of starting a blog it takes patience and time. There are still some things I am learning about building a website, but the fun is in learning. Also I will reiterate the Blog by Numbers is a great e-book if you looking for a step by step guide to building a blog.

I hope you enjoyed my small tale of my blogging journey and I encourage you to join the mailing list to learn about upcoming posts or news for the upcoming month. There is also a Facebook and Pinterest Page that you can follow. I have made it easy for you go to those pages as both Facebook and Pinterest buttons on the main menu lead straight to those sites or you can simply click on the links in this post. The Facebook page will involve me interacting with my readers and responding to questions or comments they may have. Hey I had to do a little advertisement for all of my hard work.

If you are a blogger or is in the process of building a blog. Please feel free to comment.

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