By the title I’m sure you are thinking this post is about exercise. All I have to say to that is…

The irony of this post is it’s correlated to fitness somehow.

Ok, let me cut to the chase…

This week I was feeling very uncomfortable physically, mentally and I could not put my finger on it. It was strange because, in my mind, I was doing everything I was supposed to do such as eating sort of healthy, working out, meditating, reading and taking small breaks when at work. You would think this would have been the best week but it was not. It was the most uncomfortable.

So I called my counselor, my mom, and she started laughing. Of course this did not make me feel better so I proceeded to tell her all of the actions I took place to reach my goal and she replied, “thanks for the list of the things you are supposed to do”. So I proceeded to me ” Ma, you don’t understand” speech.  Q

Quick disclaimer: Of course she understood me as she’s been 33 years old before.

So basically I was throwing an adult tantrum trying to convey what I think may be causing all of these emotions. I could imagine on the other line she was thinking…

Then I chimed in on how sore I was from the previous day’s work out and she cut me off mid-sentence and said, “So basically you are just feeling the burn.” I instantly agreed as I thought she was referring to my workout but instead she clarified that she was referencing my formal complaint. She went on to say, “change brings discomfort and what you are feeling are the effects of that change.”

So I thought on that thang (not thing) for a while.

She made a great point as change is quite uncomfortable. This is similar to the discomfort a person feels when initially making a budget when first learning how to properly handle money. Or a person who experiences grief when leaving a toxic relationship. The commonality of both scenarios are all individuals were unhappy in their current state while simultaneously mourning their old habits or circumstances.

This pity party thrown for old habits could be caused by the fear of backtracking or just the fact of the old state being more comfortable. The gist of this post is if you are feeling the burn when changing bad habits it’s indicative that change is actually occurring. In order to get to the other side of your “change of choice” you must endure the burn. After the new routine forms into a habit it will be like second nature.

So I say this in my most aerobics instructor voice: “FEEL THE BURN!” because afterwards you will reach your weight goal, become financial stable, fulfill that dream, start that business, end that habit and so on.

Just remember… you have to go through uncomfortable things to reach desired results.

P.S. Thank you Mom! You get me after all!


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4 thoughts on “FEEL THE BURN”

  1. Wow.. this was really interesting and encouraging. Thanks for the motivation. I’m looking forward to more blog posts! I’m excited.
    PS. Mom’s have a lot of wisdom.😉

    1. Thank you for the kind words and I am happy to have encouraged you. Yes Mom’s are very wise!

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