A Unique Lesson Learned from Cookie Jam

Before I get to the point of this blog, I thought I would introduce Cookie Jam to those of you that are unfamiliar with this game.

Cookie Jam is a popular phone game that consist of limitless levels requiring the player to match, shapes and pastries until the desired items are collected within the allotted number of turns. 

The Story

One day I was playing this game until I could not defeat a board and the below picture popped up.

Of course receiving this message is not the end of the world, as I could purchase more coins or ask friends for a life. However, this particular day was not a good day. I would normally play this game to distract my defeating thoughts, but on this particular day this pop-up screen was an epiphany for me. Could the stem of my “stuck life” be that I was not living my best life? Was I waiting around for someone to design a life for me?  If yes, was the answer then I was totally insane. 

During this time in my life it looked like everyone was moving forward and I was at a standstill. Occasionally people approached me with helpful ideas but still I procrastinated. This lack of activity resulted in, well, no results and I found myself giving everyone the side-eye. 

Where Do I Go From Here?

Now binge watching Disney’s Tangled, I was sitting in my mental tower waiting for someone to rescue me. Realistically I had the power to save myself. First I had to personally had to define my edition of success.  Success is subjective and everyone will not interpret it identically. The daunting fact is people are quick to criticize other people’s definition of success. This criticism demeans people’s dreams which in times causes a negative effect. I will admit this had happened to me at times, but what I failed to do was dismiss these comments. Instead, I accepted my barriers to accomplish certain things and as the years progress I focused heavy on the would’ves and could’ves.  Because this blog is about being the person you were designed to be, it is very important to stick to those dreams.  What may seem unobtainable may actually be within reach. 

The other trap I found myself in was attempting to obtain inauthentic success. Inauthentic dreams as in…NOT YOUR DREAMS. If one continues down this path, he or she will begin flowing to someone else’s vision. Now I am not saying collaborating with like-minded people is wrong, I am just imploring you to do a routine reality check to assure you are still on your path.    

Weeks later I discovered my goals and now I needed to set to some micro goals in order to achieve them. Not having the financial backing and knowledge of how to get things accomplished, I found myself stuck once more. About a couple of weeks later, I ran into an old friend and shared my goals with her. She then showed me how to set micro-goals.

The irony of that conversation she shared her dreams of becoming a life coach and helping others organize their life. To attempt re-prioritizing my goals steps for achieving goals and supporting a friend I promised to be her first client. When she received her certification, I kept my promise and she accomplished all that she set out to do. She become a life coach and also wrote a book pertaining to setting realistic goals.

During this time, I wanted to open an Etsy shop and start a blog. A few months passed and I opened my Etsy shop and months later I was able to start my blog. She helped me to start taking action just by breaking down a large goal into several micro steps. I am so appreciative of Life Coach Trenity. It literally felt like my life began.

Who knew that game would inevitably catapult my life. The irony is a friend did present me with a life line and I was finally able to take charge of my reality.

Are you taking charge of reality? If not, what are you waiting for?

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