A Unique Lesson Learned from Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam Intro

Before I get to the point of this blog, I thought I would introduce Cookie Jam to those of you that are unfamiliar with this game. Cookie Jam is a popular phone game that consist of infinity levels requiring the player to match, shapes and pastries until the desired items are collected within the allotted number of turns. 

Ok now for the point, I was playing this wonderful game and the following appeared on my screen…

Now of course receiving this message is not the end of the world as I could purchase more coins or ask friends for a life. On this particular day I was playing the game in attempts of distracting my mind. The above message appeared on the screen and it sparked something inside of me. It made me wonder if I was literally waiting for someone to design my life for me. 

During this time in my life it looked like everyone was moving forward and my life was at a standstill. Occasionally people approached me with helpful ideas but still I procrastinated. This lack of activity resulted in, well, no results and I found myself giving everyone the side-eye because they were birthing their dreams while I was only dreaming of them. In a way you could say that I was waiting on someone or something to just drop success on my lap.

I also had to learn that success is subjective and everyone may not interpret it identically. The sad part about it, us humans are quick to judge other people’s definition of success ,if viewed different from ours, which in time drops the seed of inadequacy in someone’s mind. Because this blog is about being the person you were designed to be, it is very important that when you illustrate your success that you stick to it no matter how others think about it. What may seem unobtainable may actually be reachable but require unyielding attempts. 

In other words, if you wait for someone to design your success you will find yourself chasing an inauthentic dream. Inauthentic as in…NOT YOUR DREAM. Later on down the line you would find yourself flowing to someone else’s vision and look up and not recognize where you are. Now I am not saying collaborating with like-minded people is wrong, I am just imploring you to stay on your path.  

Maybe a couple of weeks after realizing I could control my own destiny, I met with an old friend and shared my goals. She showed me how to set small obtainable goals to reach my ultimate goals. At this time, I wanted to open an Etsy shop and start a blog. A few months of taking small steps I opened my Etsy shop R.Q.Uniquely, LLC. and a couple of months later I launched this blog.  It felt good to take action in my life and I was proud of me for not brushing over my friend’s advice and taking action.

Just in case you’re wondering what happened to my actual Cookie Jam game that day. I did ask friends for a life and to date this is still the best game ever. The only difference now is I am taking charge of my reality. Are you?


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