I’m All Legs

rquniquely/ June 17, 2019/ D.O.A.C.B/ 0 comments

Ok, I’m mostly legs…but we’ll get to that part… Monday I visited the dietitian and all was Great until it was time to get on this mega scale called the InBody. It is

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My Sister’s Keeper

rquniquely/ March 18, 2019/ Mental Notes/ 4 comments

The Beginning Sisterhood starts off so simple!  It starts off with a conversation of commonalities then later transitions to going out for fun. Months later you’ve learned so much about each other and

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rquniquely/ January 27, 2019/ Mental Notes/ 0 comments

Desuppresion is basically a word I made up to describe the purposeful unraveling of anxiety and emotions that have been pinned up inside of me for years. The side affects is uncontrollable crying

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Are you Aptly Supported?

rquniquely/ January 1, 2019/ Mental Notes/ 0 comments

Tips for Building a Healthy Support System The current theme in America is Queendom. Everyone is wearing a crown and taking control of their Empire. No one is dependent on anyone with the

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